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Welcome to our September issue. Have you tried taking your pet(s) outside for exercise lately? Well if not, take them outside so they can soak up the sunshine while it lasts!

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Importance of Exercise for Dogs

importance of exercise for dogs

Daily activity, which includes exercise, is an essential element to a healthy life for dogs. A defficiency in exercise leads to poor muscle tone, heat ailments, obesity, bone disorders and emotional and behavioral problems. Behavioral problems can be in the form of bored barking, chasing ones tail, aggression, unnecessary running, chasing randomly and dog anxiety . Obesity and diabetes in dogs is on the rise. Exercise in dogs is just as critical to a healthy life as it is to humans. Exercise for dogs often go neglected because of the lack of knowledge of what dogs need. Well exercised dogs rest better, are less nervous alone, have better bone, joint, heart, and lung health. The popular misconception for dogs exercising is owners tend to leave them outdoors thinking that their dog will be exercising. The truth of the matter is, dogs spend their time alone resting in the shadows waiting to be played with. To properly exercise your dog you need to be involved.

Dogs should be taken for a walk at least twice a day. Walking is a great form of exercise for older dogs that have joint and bone problems. Walking is easy on the body, yet burns calories and your dog gets fresh air. If you can't find the time for a long walk, play fetch with your dog. Playing fetch gets your dog a bountiful amount of exercise while you stay rested and comfortable. Tug of war also requires your dog to use more energy than you. Tug of war requires your dog to use all the muscles in their body. If you're into exercising with your dog, go for a swim with your dog. Swimming burns calories fast, and is a fun bonding activity between you and your dog. If you live in a neighborhood with little traffic and flat roads, go for a bike ride with your dog. If the weather is too extreme to go out for exercise, put your dog on a treadmill with their favorite TV show on to watch. Also, having your dog run stairs is the fastest way to burn calories in the house. Finally, if you don't have the time to exercise your dog, enroll your dog in classes that have a fitness routine. The classes improve your dog's agility, strength, mental health, obedience and overall health.

Exercising your dog gets you motivated too. By exercising your dog, you naturally get the exercise you need as well. You and your dog can motivate each other to get out and exercise. Exercise should not be a chore. Do the exercise you and your dog find fun. Let your dog play with other dogs as well to build character. Exercising your dog is the responsibility of the owner. So make your dog's life more fulfilling by making sure it has the right amount of exercise.

The Ravishing Aroma of a Skunk

ravishing armona of skunks

As pet owners, we are prepared for the worse and this would include getting rid of skunk smell on dogs or cats. If your cat or dog is sprayed by a skunk, use this remedy to remove skunk spray from their coat. It will have you saying halleluiah by the time you’ve washed your pet once! Tomato juice is a great skunk spray remedy however, it is not as nearly effective as this recipe.

Mix together in a pail:

  • One Quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • ¼ Cup Baking Soda
  • 2 Teaspoons Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Note: For Large Breed Dogs, you may have to double, triple or even quadruple the recipe.

Before you apply the mixture on your pet, be sure to wear dishwashing or house hold gloves to protect your hands. Avoid applying the mixture near your pet’s eyes, as the hydrogen peroxide could burn their eyes. Also do not wet down your pet. Instead, apply the mixture from their collar down to their tail. Lather the solution for five minutes or until the smell of the skunk has disappeared. Be very careful in ensuring the solution does not enter their eyes. After a quick rinse, you need to repeat the same process at least three times to completely remove the smell of the skunk. The final rinse should be very thorough. Be sure to completely rinse the substance out of your pet’s coat. Do not prepare the mixture ahead of time because the effectiveness of the solution decreases and has to be made fresh before applying the solution on your pet.

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