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4 dogs peeking over the edge.
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Unique Pet Items
Stroller for Your Pets Needs

Ah, delightful drinking games, an abundance of green clothing, and little men sitting patiently at the end of rainbows. Bliss, right? But why should you get to have all the fun this St. Patrick's Day? Before you merrily skip outside and start celebrating, why not make sure your furry friend has a great St. Patrick's Day too?

If you're not sure where to start, don't worry – Critter Cures has you covered! We've found the top seven unique pet items to help make this St. Patrick's the best one yet.

1. The 5th Avenue Pet Stroller

Why leave your pet at home when they can come along for the ride? The 5th Ave Pet Stroller is both a stroller and a pet carrier, so you can now go for a walk (or stroll a St. Patrick's day festival) with your favorite friend in tow!

2. Pugz Shoes for Dogs

Without the comfort of your feet to keep them warm this St. Patrick's Day, the chances are high that your pet could suffer from cold paws. To keep them snug as a pug in a rug, why not invest in some Pugz Shoes? They allow your pet to stroll outside in any weather and protect your hardwood floors too. Best of all, Pugz cater for dogs of all sizes and come in small, medium, and large.

3. Originalz Lenses

It's sunglasses. It's goggles. No – it's Doggles! You heard correctly, Doggles (dog goggles) are the latest in fashionable eye protection for your pooch. Just like those of us without fur, your dog needs protection from harmful sunlight and UV rays too. Thankfully, Originalz Lenses have come up with the solution with Doggles that have an extra wide bridge for your dog’s nose, offer 100% UV protection, are anti-fog and shatterproof, and feature padded and soft rubber frames. Fierce fashion or pious protection? You decide.

4. Outdoor Kitty House

Is your cat sick of hiding out in the dog's house? If so, why not get them their very own outdoor retreat? Outdoor houses aren't just for the dog anymore. The cat too can experience a delightful outdoor area that keeps them dry, warm, and safe. The Outdoor Kitty House is waterproof, easily assembled (velcro walls and a zippered roof make it easy as a bend and snap), and is available in a heated version.

5. Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

Take the guesswork out of knowing the truth behind your mixed-breeds' ancestry, by picking up a Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test. With a single swipe and a wait of just a few weeks, you can soon understand even more about your precious pup than ever. The test reveals the parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent breeds of your pet. You'll never have to wonder 'why' about your pet's behavior again.

6. EYENIMAL Pet Video Cam

Want to know what really happens when you go to work or out for some much-needed St. Patrick's Day festivities? The facts could be in your hands, with the EYENIMAL Pet Video Cam. Just attach to your pet's collar and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as you follow their daily escapades and get to experience 'a day in the life' of your pet firsthand.

7. Vetisse StressEase for Dogs

And last but not least, if your pet still doesn't feel comfortable with you taking a night off, Vetisse StressEase has the answer. Containing no harmful chemicals or sedatives, just a small drop will have your dog feeling calm, relaxed, and stress-free. It is packed full of natural herbs to help curb even the most unmanageable behavioral issues.

With unique pet items like these, forget your furry friend this St. Patrick's Day - you'll want to stay home and try out their new toys and items for yourself!

What You Need to Know About Adopting a Pet
Important Information About Adopting a Pet

If the luck of the Irish has you noticing the pets that aren't so lucky this St. Patrick's Day, here are the things you need to know before plunging into pet adoption.

You + Pet = Parenthood

Before you sign the adoption papers, take a moment to consider whether owning a pet is really for you. Sure, they're cute and lovable. But are you ready to become responsible for another living thing and essentially, become its new parent? Do you have the right home and yard for the type of pet you're looking at? Do you have the time, money, and resources to put towards taking care of your pet?

It can be hard to think of these things while you're standing in front of the cutest fur ball you’ve ever seen, but many pets are abandoned because their previous owners didn't take the time to consider the ramifications of owning a pet or how well the type of pet they were adopting would fit into their family. So take a moment, for both your sake and your new pet's, and triple check that this is really something you want to do.

Your Perfect Pet Checklist

Great – if you're still reading that means that you are dedicated to becoming some lucky new pet's parent! Now it's time to start building your perfect pet checklist. You'll need to consider things like:

  • Species of pet
  • Breed of pet
  • Preferred personality
  • Desired energy levels of pet
  • Acceptable noise levels of pet (barking etc.)
  • Gender
  • Budget

When you're making your list, remember to compare it to your current lifestyle. No matter how much you want a Rottweiler, if you live in an apartment block or have a young family, it may not be the most practical pet for you. So compare your lifestyle to the breed and species needs as well.

Where to Buy

You typically have three choices when it comes to pet adoption, a pet shelter, a breeder, or a pet shop. If you’re looking at adopting from a shelter, be prepared to spend some time filling out an application form. You will still pay a fee to adopt the pet (shelters need to earn money to take care of the pets too) but it will be minimal. Meanwhile, a breeder will allow you to select a pure-breed pet and choose from a litter if you're looking at a dog or cat. The prices can be quite hefty and in some instances are as high as $2,000. The health of an animal from a breeder is typically superior and they normally offer some form of health guarantee. A pet shop is the mid-range option but beware that a many pet shops may have popular pets, like puppies and kittens, that were bred in horrible conditions (think puppy mills). So although a pet may appear clean, active, and well taken care of, do your due diligence to find out where your pet has come from and to not support inhumane breeding practices like puppy mills.

After Adoption, Comes Happily Ever After…

Well, that's the idea anyway! But you'll also need to take into account the maintenance and ongoing care that your pet will need. Think about regular vet visits, high quality pet food, toys, and daily love and affection. If you have a young pet, you may need to invest in puppy preschool or kitten kindy attendance. Also, be prepared to handle when your pet gets sick as well.

Just like all wonderful things in life, there will be the good times and the not so good times. Adopting a new pet is a lot like taking care of a small child. You may feel frustrated, annoyed, and irritated at times; but then you' ll look at your pet and think how wonderful your life is with them around. If you're willing to accept the responsibilities of pet ownership, adopting your furry friend could just be the best decision you ever made.


4 dogs peeking over the edge.
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