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Do you ever put on music for your pet when you leave the house? If so, what type of music do you play? Find out which genre of music is best and much more in this issue of Pet Health News.

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Music For Your Pet

We all have different taste in music. It can change your mood and keep you entertained. Pop music might get you dancing; hip-hop might make you angry. Music has a great power of controlling our emotion and can shape our personality. If music can have such a great effect on us, what is it doing for our pets? With a careful selection of music, you could either put your dog to sleep or agitate them.

Studies have shown that a popular sound for dogs is classical music. Classical music can relax your dog so they can rest. Also, it will calm them so they do not bark as much. The sound of the harp can help dogs who suffer anxiety. It can assist in lowering blood pressure and slow down your dog's heart rate. It's good for your dog to be listening to music while at the vet. Classical music may be the best choice for your dog but your dog may be unique and have their own taste in sound. It is good to try a few genres to see what your dog will enjoy

A music genre you may want to avoid for your pet is heavy metal. Music that is loud or is drum based may cause your dog to act aggressive. It may cause them to bark a lot more and stand around anxiously. Pop music and talk shows have been shown to have no effect on pets.

Let's not forget about cats! Your feline friend may have a taste for a male choir. Cats enjoy a double bass sound along with the oboe. It has similar effects on cats as it has on dogs. It will slow down their pulse and calm them down to stop cat aggression.

For pets, music has the purpose of keeping them relaxed; but what are they stressed from? Your pet may suffer from separation anxiety from being away from their owner all day. Since pets are very loyal companions, they will feel what you feel. If you put stress on your pet by using them as your therapist; reward them afterwards by playing some soothing music. If you come home to see your pet has torn up the furniture or used your shoe as a chew toy, there is a chance you will be upset. Putting anger on your pets will increase pet anxiety which sets off the bad behavior.

When you put music on for your dog, keep the volume low enough that it is not heard throughout the house. By keeping the volume low, they can chose if they want to listen to it or not by going into another room. The music can also be a distraction from noises outside the home that could frighten your pet. Music for pets is becoming a trend! There are CD’s that can be purchased especially for dogs or you can even go on to the internet to find music. Your pet is always there for you through the hard times; it’s time to give them something to keep them happy!

Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is vital for pets, as it is for humans . Various health conditions can arise as a result of sleep deprivation. This is why it is essential your pets get a proper amount of sleep.

Not only does sleep deprivation lead to further health complications, but in some cases can indicate the presence of a health problem. For example, suffering from some form of pain could be the reason for not being able to fall asleep.

There are, however, a number of reasons that can make it difficult for your pet to get sleep. These include:

Stress: Another human condition that dogs share is stress. Dogs have an astounding ability to sense the emotions around them. If there is tension in a household, for example, a dog will pick it up. Even less serious things such as a guest spending the night can result in your pet becoming stressed and therefore suffering from sleeping problems.

Noisy Environment: As mentioned above, anything out of the ordinary causes stress to your pet. Your dog will not be able to fall asleep if it is very noisy. It is important to make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe.

Lack of Exercise: Not getting enough exercise in the day can leave your dog still wanting to play at bedtime. It is very important that as a pet owner you make sure you pet gets enough physical activity. How much exercise your dog needs depends on the type of dog it is. On average, dogs need at least 40 minutes of exercise a day.

Feeding Patterns: Feeding your dog too close to bedtime makes it difficult for them to fall asleep. Right after eating, dogs are often more energetic than usual.

In general, the percentage of older dogs not being able to fall asleep is greater than that of younger dogs. This is mostly because as one ages their body wears down. Yet another similarity dogs and humans share!

Can Dogs Get Headaches?

Yes, they can. In fact, dogs experience many of the same conditions as humans do and headaches are no exception.

Not being able to verbally communicate with your pet can make it difficult to distinguish when your dog has a headache. In general, dogs use a fixed stare or just keep their eyes closed when they their head is hurting. They may even shake their heads in attempt to ease the pain.

Causes for headaches in dogs are similar to those for humans. A headache can occur after suffering an injury to the head, from sinus problems, or dog allergies. Atopica is a medication used to treat skin allergies in dogs.

Malnutrition can also cause headaches in dogs. One ingredient in pet food that has been found to increase the probability of getting a headache is corn gluten meal. Corn gluten meal, a substance difficult to digest, is usually a component of cheap pet food used to replace better forms of protein. Talk to your vet in order to find the best food for your pet.

In the case that you think your pet has a headache and is feeling extreme discomfort, contact your pet's veterinarian to get some additional help. The best thing you can do before using medication is to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible. However, try not to let the pain of your pet have a great influence on you. Often pet owners feel frustrated and helpless in such situations.

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