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Merry Christmas!

In our holiday issue we provide a number of tips that will help you keep your pet safe and healthy throughout the holiday season. For any questions, email us at

Thank you for reading our pet newsletter. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the upcoming year.
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Tips for Safe Pets this Christmas


Almost everybody considers their cat or dog to be a part of the family, so celebrating Christmas and including the family pet is a must. While including your pet, you must also remember that everything you do or eat may not be as safe for your pet as it is for you. With this in mind, take note of these tips and be sure to keep your pet safe around Christmas.


Chocolate is an extremely popular gift to give, it’s sweet, not too expensive, and almost everyone loves it. One thing we can be sure of is that your dog won’t love it. As excellent as chocolate is for humans, it can be quite toxic for dogs. The effect of the chocolate depends on how much your dog eats, as well as the size of the dog. Effects of the chocolate can range from vomiting and a bit of diarrhea for a couple of hours to risk of seizure and even death. An artificial sweetener known as Xylitol can also be toxic for dogs and it can cause liver injury.

Table scraps

Cats and dogs are normally on a very strict diet, making sudden alterations to that diet normally isn’t tolerated well. Unfamiliar food like leftover turkey or stuffing can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Bones are another thing that should be kept out of reach from pets. If a bone is ingested, it could cause obstructions to the bowel or throat.

Christmas tree

Be sure to keep glass ornaments on higher branches of the tree. Things like hooks or broken glass could be ingested if an ornament falls off a limb . If you decide to buy a real tree, make sure you don’t add any chemicals to the water in case your pet decides to take a drink.


It is important that any chords are hidden and taped down. If your pet decides to take a bite out of one, they could get burnt or electrocuted.

Tinsel and String

Cats love to play with tinsel, but if kitty decides to eat some, it could block his or her intestinal tract. Any sort of string that is mistaken for a toy can become hazardous. Be sure to watch that your cat doesn’t get the string wrapped around the roast beef dinner.


Poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe could all upset your pet’s stomach if enough of it is consumed. Keep plants out of the reach of pets.

Last minute Pet Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner and decorations are getting hung up. The perfect gift is also on a lot of consumer’s mind for Christmas.

Consumers are always wondering what great gift ideas would be brilliant for friends and families, but what about pets? This holiday season why not get your pet the Pedi paws Pet Nail Trimmer. These nail clippers will trim your pet’s nails without hurting them, which traditional nail clippers tend to do. Pedipaws has a protective cover which will ensure the perfect amount of nail is cut without harming your pet. It also stores the filings so there is no mess whatsoever. You and your pet will definitely love this gift.

The second gift that is perfect for pets this Christmas is the DuoTemp Heating and Cooling Dog Bed. It delivers cool air through an air channeled cushion which will help your pet relax and fall into sleep, rather than seeking cold hard surfaces to lie on which causes stress to bones and muscles.

Other great presents for pets are:

• The Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder: It’s an automatic food dispenser that dispenses ¼ to 3 Cups of food per three times a day.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain: It encourages your pet to drink more water leaving the urinary tract of pets to be healthier.

These are just some of the few amazing gifts to get pets this Christmas however, it is not the size or amount of the gift that matters, it is the thought that counts.