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CritterCures has traditionally prided itself on its reputation for exceptional customer service. Pet Customer Care Specialists are available to address any questions or comments from Monday to Friday 6am- 6pm and Saturday 7am- 4pm. Customers can also speak to a CritterCures pharmacist.

However, CritterCures is now pleased to announce that it has now partnered with RatePoint to faciliate customer reviews. RatePoint is a web based program that allows customers to express their views in regards to CritterCures or the products it offers. Customers will also be able to access all reviews to read. In order to access the reviews as well as other important information about CritterCures, look for the RatePoint seal.

The RatePoint seal will be visible on the CritterCures website. All you need to do is click on it in order to get to the reviews. RatePoint makes writing a review very fast and easy. The reviews will allow CritterCures to better serve its customers. Additionally, the reviews will be available for customers to read; allowing customers to read an unbiased opinion.

Moreover, the RatePoint seal ensures that the businesses it is associated with are trustworthy. At CritterCures we know that being a pet owner can be quite stressful. It can be quite difficult to judge which pet products are safe and which are not. CritterCures' commitment to quality in combination with easily accessible reviews will allow customers to feel at ease when shopping online. You can write a review about CritterCures here.

Doggy Tummy Aches

We all know how uncomfortable a stomach ache can be. When it happens we say we would do anything to make it go away. Gastrointestinal tracts can be easily infected. This infection is what we call a tummy ache. This means even our pets are vulnerable to a GI tract infection. Our stomach's role is to break down food and pass it into the small intestine which then absorbs the nutrients and water. Pets commonly get gastritis which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. Gastroenteritis in dogs is another common pet infection that causes the stomach and intestines to inflame.

So if you see your pet vomiting, having changes in appetite, lethargy, weakness, dehydration, diarrhea, or high blood temperature then they may have a GI tract infection which should be taken care of immediately.

A GI infection is caused either by bacteria, poisons and other diseases. It is important that you keep an eye on your dog so that they aren’t putting weird things in their mouth like spoiled good, plants, and garbage. This is how bacteria that cause their infection get inside. Also, fertilizers and cleaning products can be deadly to your pet because of the poison in them. Of course you can’t be held responsible to watch your pet 24/7 so by saying no to your dog when they misbehave will train your dog not to do it in the future even if you are not there.

When your pet first gets a gastrointestinal infection you should change your pet’s diet. Start off by giving your pet less food and more water. Then, give your dog a bland diet with water in smaller amounts more frequently. It is better to give your pet natural food which makes it easier to digest. Of course take your dog to be seen by a vet. They can prescribe the prober medication for the infection. Baytril and Amoxicillin are great for your pets GI tract infection.