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With the holiday season coming up we can't just think about ourselves this season but also our pets. In this issue we will discuss some gift ideas that are great for your pets and some ideas for your pet to be happy during the holiday season.

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Innovative Holiday Pet Gift Guide

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A recent US survey found that over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, spending an average of $46 on their animals. If you are one of these loving pet owners, you are probably currently ruminating over what to get your pet for the holidays.

The survey indicated that sixty-eight percent of pet owners usually get their pet a toy, forty five percent get their pets a treat, eight percent get them new bedding , six percent get them clothing, three percent get them a leash, collar or harness and three percent new grooming products. Interestingly, income doesn’t really affect whether or not an individual buys their pet a gift, but it does influence how much they spend on their pet. Those making $50,000 or more spend approximately $57 on their pets, while those making under $50,000 still buy their pets gifts, but spend on average less, approximately $29.

So why do people spend money on their pets? Those polled generally gave the same reasoning – their pets were part of their family, their pets give unconditional love; thus, the owners feel compelled to reciprocate love via holiday gift giving.

The above text has mentioned the gift giving percentages, but what are viable gift options for you this year? Below find some cool new pet products that will provide a perfect gift for your beloved pet.

  1. Pet Toys: When buying a pet toy, make sure that it is suitable for your pet. For example, if your puppy is tearing up household items, it probably isn’t best to get it a stuffed animal. If your animal is exhibiting destructive behavior, perhaps it is best to get it a behavioral correctional hormone, such as a Comfort Zone Plug In, which is designed to stop and reduce destructive behavior, such as urine making, and other stress-related behavior.
  2. Pet Treats: Instead of getting a regular, plain package of dog or cat cookies, why not get something that is also useful for pet hygiene or overall health. For example, the PARAGON toothbrushes are toothbrushes that are edible, allowing the dog to brush its own teeth, getting in between tight places, while enjoying a tasty snack.
  3. Grooming Products: If you have a long-haired furry friend, grooming products are, no doubt, at the top of your pet’s holiday wish list. Products such as the FUR Deshedd comb are of the highest quality and used by professional groomers. Moreover, they can reach deep beneath the long topcoat, reducing shedding by up to ninety percent.

You can find some of the above suggested gifts on our website, critter cures®. So this holiday season, demonstrate to your beloved pet how much you appreciate their unconditional love with a gift, to ensure that they too have a magical holiday season.

Because Pets Deserve a Happy and Stress-Free Holiday too!

Puppy tangled in ornaments

While the holidays bring a foray of exciting parties and decorations, the season also brings a list of potential hazards for pets into the home. Nonetheless, this article does not seek to be a scrooge about the holidays; it seeks to be informative, providing preventative steps in order to make the holidays as joyous and stress-free for your pet as it is for you!

  1. Plants and Decorations: The holidays introduce many festive plants and decorations into the home, but many of them are toxic and dangerous for pets. For example, the poinsettia plant, while beautiful, is poisonous. Thus, they should be kept out of reach. Tinsel, garland, and ornaments should also be kept far away from pets. If tinsel is ingested, it can result in internal blockages. Tiny ornaments act as a choking hazard. To prevent your pet from getting a hold of Christmas decorations, you should place your Christmas tree in a low traffic area, in order to prevent decorations from falling, and your pet getting a hold of them.
  2. Parties: Parties mean that your home will be very crowded, with lots of guests coming and going, and you inevitably losing track of your pet. A pet may escape if a guest accidentally opens a door. A pet can potentially eat/chew something dangerous, while it tries to vie for your attention, such as an extension cord! Lastly, but just as important, a pet may become stressed with so many ‘strangers’ and so much noise in his or her house, resulting from a holiday party. To avoid all these aforementioned dangers and issues, think about putting your pet in a secure room and/or kennel, far away from the chaos of the party.
  3. Chocolate: The holidays also mean the presence of lots of sweet treats in the house. Like you, pets are attracted to the smell and taste of these desserts. Unlike you, however, chocolate can be deadly if consumed in sufficient amounts. Chocolate will induce vomiting and diarrhea in pets, if consumed. For these reasons, it is important to keep chocolate well away from your pet. Store chocolate in a high place away from your pet.

By following the above precautionary measures, you can protect the happiness and safety of your pet, ensuring a great holiday season for all!

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