February 2, 2010

Is Dry Food Better than Wet Food for my Dog?

canine gum disease The debate of wet food versus dry food for our dogs rages on. Dog owners take the responsibility of feeding very seriously as the overall healthy of any animal starts with their diet. Small dogs, big dogs, healthy dogs, and sick dogs all need to have a balanced diet but whether to feed them dry or wet food isn’t always an easy question to answer. Some dogs will require canned food for physical reasons. For example, dogs that are missing teeth cannot chew dry food and dogs that have always been fed canned food will not likely accept dry food. Nevertheless, the differences between these foods are not so straightforward.

Dogs will almost always prefer canned or wet dog food. Many wet dog foods have higher caloric contents and can contain some kinds of less healthy foods that dogs love, even if it’s not good for them. But not all wet dog foods are less healthy and depending on the brand of food you buy, there will be different nutritional values. But dry dog food has some advantages. types of dog foodGenerally speaking, dry dog foods are more nutritionally balanced, though this is not always the case. Also, dry dog foods are great for your dog’s teeth and gums as chewing crunchy foods helps remove plaque and prevent gum disease. Moreover, dry dog foods are more convenient as they come in larger quantities and can be stored for weeks at a time.

Still, some dry dog foods are rich in fillers and may not offer the balanced diet your dog needs. All dog foods, whether wet or dry, are not created equal. Cheap alternatives do not usually offer the nutritional advantages of organic, veterinarian developed dog foods so you should always carefully select food to provide the most vitamins and protein for your dog. Dry organic natural dog food is a great option and wet foods can be a great treat but it is entirely possible to get wet foods that are healthier than dry foods and vice versa.

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