May 20, 2010

Crate Training your Dog

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dog crate trainingCrate training is an excellent tool in house training your dog but also has various side benefits as well.  Because dogs don’t like to toilet in their sleeping quarters, crate training can help teach a dog to relieve himself at more appropriate times.  By temporarily confining your dog to a crate, your dog learns to fight the urge to urinate or defecate.  Moreover, kennel crates are the ideal travel cabin for your puppy and when dogs are comfortable in a crate it can be much easier to travel with them.  Nevertheless, the main reason to crate train your dogs is to control early toileting habits.  When your dog is in the crate, he will refrain from urinating and defecating.  Then, when you release your dog from the crate, you can praise it for toileting outside.

To crate train your dog you must first make your dog familiar with the crate.  Try leaving a small treat or bit of kibble in the crate to attract your dog.  Because your dog finds treats in the crate, he will build a positive association with it.  Be sure to give your dog lots of praise when he enters the crate to further reinforce this positive association.  canine stressAlso, be sure to gradually increase your dog’s time in the crate.  Allow him to enter the crate for short periods during the day before closing him in the crate overnight.  Leaving your dog in the crate overnight will prevent unnecessary accidents but may cause anxiety for your dog as well.  Finally, acclimatize your dog to the notion of your absence while it’s in the crate.  Leave the room for short periods of time, gradually lengthening the amount of time your dog is alone in the crate.

Eventually, your dog will happily enter his crate and will probably take comfort in the crate.  Remember that all training is most effective when it is combined with praise and reward.

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