March 15, 2010

My dog has itchy skin, what can I use to stop it without spending a lot on medication?

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dog itchy skinDogs like to scratch so it’s not always an indication of itchy skin. Still, skin itch is a common problem with dogs and it seems to be getting more common. There are a wide variety of causes for itchy skin in dogs, from parasites and allergens to skin infections; and it seems there are as many treatments as causes. Expensive creams, pills, gels, and shampoos can often effectively cure itchy skin in your dog but there are a wide range of home remedies that can be equally as effective.

skin allergies in dogsVarious herbs can be used internally and externally to ameliorate and cure itchy skin. Oats are an effective home remedy that you may have even used to treat your own itchy skin. Oats are great for soothing the itch that is associated with various skin conditions. To sooth skin itch create an oatmeal paste and apply it to the affected areas. An oatmeal paste is easy to make. First, cook the oats in boiling water until you get a loose, wet paste. Let the paste cool to room temperature and then liberally apply it to the affected skin area.
Yellow dock is an herb that can also provide itch relief. Again, prepare a topical treatment by boiling one tablespoon of yellow dock in 2 cups of boiling water. Cool the mixture and then strain and save the liquid from the herb. Use the remaining liquid as a rinse over the affected skin.

Finally, green tea can be used to make a rinse to alleviate your dog’s itchy skin. Just like you’re making some tea to drink, steep 2 tea bags with 2 cups of water and then cool the tea. Pour the tea over the itching skin and let it drip dry.
These treatments will help alleviate itch but if the skin condition continues you may need to visit your vet.

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