August 5, 2010

Top 5 Puppy Care Tips

Filed under: Puppy Care — Dr. Amber Reed @ 2:32 pm

If you’ve decided to get a puppy, do your research first.  Introducing a new pet to your family brings many challenges and rewards but if you’re prepared the good will surely outweigh the bad.  These tips should help you to prepare for your puppy so that your family and the new addition make a seamless transition.

1.       Carefully choose your breed.  Many new dog owners hastily decide on a new puppy because they like the way they look or some other arbitrary reason.  The problem is that dogs have a wide range of personalities that are often associated with breeds.  Small dogs are not always the best choice for families with children while breeds like labs and golden retrievers make excellent family dogs.  So, do a little research before you choose your breed and make sure to select one that will fit well with your lifestyle.

2.       Get your supplies ready in advance.  Choose a good puppy food, specifically formulated for young dogs and maybe even the particular breed.  Also, make sure you have a dog bed, feeding bowls, collar and leash, and a few toys so you have everything you need when your new dog arrives.

3.       Don’t forget to puppy proof.  Puppies are basically baby dogs and you need to ensure that there are no hazards around the house.  Make sure household cleaners are out of reach and remove objects that your puppy may chew.  Electrical and telephone chords, shoes, and other items are attractive to puppies but may also be dangerous.

4.       Find a veterinarian.  You’ll probably want to research local veterinarians in advance.  Visit the facility to ensure it is clean and well equipped and even ask for references from current clients.

5.       Finally, never feed your puppy (or dog) human food.  Human food can throw off your dog’s balanced diet and some human foods can be fatal.  Always use a veterinarian recommended puppy food to ensure the health and safety of your new puppy.

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