February 11, 2010

How to Get Pet Urine Smell out of Furniture

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Any pet lover will know that having pets urinate indoors is just a part of the pet-owning experience. Unfortunately, anybody who has ever tried to remove pet urine smell from furniture also knows that it can be a fairly difficult task. Odor neutralizers are a quick solution to the problem but they are not usually very effective. In fact, with in a couple of days, the smell often returns. Indeed, odor neutralizers are a superficial solution that may remove the smell from the fabric of your furniture but not from the cushioning below.

The most effective way to remove pet urine smell from your furniture is to thoroughly clean the affected area. This means removing the outer fabric and washing it as well as trying to clean the foam cushioning inside. You could soak the foam in odor neutralizer and then squeeze out the remaining liquid after a few moments. This should effectively eliminate the smell but some pet owners will want to be more thorough in their cleaning.

Wash the outer fabric according to the washing instructions. Most people should be able to put the upholstery in the washing machine and this will remove urine contaminants. To clean the foam, we recommend using a steam cleaner. Let the foam dry after steam cleaning and then treat it with an odor neutralizer. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture is clean throughout and you can also enjoy the fresh scent of your favorite deodorant.

Some pet owners will be dealing with very stubborn stains and in this case you’ll need to repeat the above process a few times. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to remove the worst stains but with a bit of effort you can get your furniture in like-new condition again!

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