November 3, 2010

Homeopathic Healthcare for Dogs

Filed under: Homeopathy — Dr. Amber Reed @ 3:23 pm

Probably spurred by the increasing popularity of natural remedies for human illness, homeopathic healthcare for dogs is a growing field.  Using herbal or other homeopathic remedies provide pet owners with a natural alternative to medical care.  Most importantly, the increasing research into homeopathic dog healthcare has yielded some interesting results and has ultimately given dogs and dog owners a greater range of treatment options for common canine ailments.

First, we can start by discussing homeopathy itself.  Essentially, homeopathy is an alternative treatment method that is based on creating or restoring a balance in the body through natural products and processes.  Plant, animal, and mineral sources are important in the field of homeopathy which has been a leading treatment alternative for several hundred years.

While homeopathy may not focus explicitly on relieving the symptoms of a particular canine illness, these natural treatment methods aim to improve overall health and immune functioning so your dog is more capable of fighting the ailment himself.  Indeed, homeopathic treatments are very similar to vaccinations in the sense that by exposing your dog to small doses of natural substances that cause the symptoms he is experiencing, your dog eventually builds the defenses to fight these illnesses naturally.

Another benefit of homeopathic treatment is that it is cost saving.  Veterinary visits can be very expensive, especially if your dog is suffering some kind of chronic illness.  Alternatively, homeopathic dog healthcare gives dog owners another, more affordable option.  While homeopathic care may not always be indicated for every canine ailment, there are a number of efficacious uses of homeopathic and herbal remedies.  For example, sea mussels provide nutritional support for cartilage production and have been found to help dog’s ease the pain associated with arthritis.  Red clover and dandelion root help your dog to detoxify thereby reducing the effects of skin or food allergies.  Even psychological symptoms like anxiety can be relieved naturally with valerian, passion flower, and skullcap.

Clearly, the field of dog homeopathy has a lot of room to grow but there is already some exciting evidence that natural treatments can relieve the symptoms associated with a wide range of canine illnesses.

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