January 14, 2010

Popular Dog Names

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What’s in a name? He is a man’s best friend but you might call him Buster or Buddy or even Disco, Max, or Lucy (but then she’d be man’s best friend). Choosing the right name for your dog requires a lot of thought. You want the perfect name, the kind of name that tells people something about your dog and your family. From year to year there isn’t much change in the most popular dog names. Fido and Spot are the names of the past and even names like Max and Molly are becoming outdated. Nevertheless, there seems to be a definite trend toward giving dogs human names.

Indeed, even famous movies or characters influence the names we give our pets. I have a friend who named his dog after a very famous hip-hop artist. The top 10 male dog names, in order, are Max, Tigger, Tiger, Smokey, Oliver, Buddy, Charlie, Simba, Sammy, and Oscar. Alternatively, the top 10 girl dog names are Chloe, Lucy, Molly, Bella, Sophie, Princess, Cleo, Angel, Lily, and Maggie. But choosing your own dog’s name is more than consulting online lists and picking the name you like most. Any dog owner will tell you that choosing a name for your beloved pet is like choosing a name for a child and it is a decision that is never taken lightly.

I recommend that you always meet your dog before you choose a name but try to brainstorm a few ideas in advance. Many people find that they end up thinking an entirely different name when they first meet their dog. A dog’s name is based on his or her personality and appearance. Some people like to choose a name from a different language or to name their dog after an important, deceased family member. Your dog’s name is important, so choose wisely.

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