September 13, 2012

Are Ferrets Good Pets?

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Ferrets are active and curious creatures. Their loving and playful nature makes it easy to bond with them. They are very adorable and have mischievous eyes. Previously, they gained negative publicity and are still banned in some states due to injury concerns by ferret bites.

The¬†American Veterinary Medical Association stated “It is also recommended that no ferret be left unattended with any individual incapable of removing himself or herself from the ferret.”

Is a Ferret Right for You?
Ferrets are expensive, high-maintenance pets. Do not go for a ferret as a pet if you think you cannot afford one. Giving them adequate time and attention is essential as their physical and mental health depends on it.

They like playing with their owners. They are very energetic at certain times of the day and would like to come out of their cages and play. You should have the time to supervise them. They are intelligent and make interesting companions.

It is not advisable to have ferrets as pets around small children. Ferrets might harm them in their playfulness.

How Much Does a Ferret Cost?
Ferrets can be bought from a pet store for up to $200 but you can adopt them for less than $100. Make sure the ferret you buy looks healthy and active. It is advisable to purchase a ferret that is between eight to sixteen weeks old, though it is better to wait until the ferret is at least twelve weeks old.

Ferrets release a musky odor. It is better to find a de-scented and neutered ferret to avoid the smell.

For best health, ferrets need to have a large cage so they can freely climb and play. A ferret cage can cost about $500. Their other needs include a litter tray and scoop, food dish, and water bottle. Some old blankets, or specially made sleeping bags, are also needed to give them comfort. Ferret-safe toys and tunnels are also necessary to keep them busy.

What to Feed a Ferret
Ferrets require lots of fresh water. Their diet should be high in protein and fat.

Many ferret owners feed cat food to their pets because ferret food is not widely available. Dog food is not recommended for your pet as it may fill up your pet without fulfilling its nutritional requirements.

It is best to purchase specially formulated ferret food.

Moreover, treating them once in a while is a good idea. It brings a variety to their diet and you can enjoy the amusing show they put up to get their treat.

Rolling over, begging and other such tricks are quite a sight when you treat your ferret.

Can You Train a Ferret?
Yes, actually.

Ferrets are intelligent creatures and can be easily trained. You can litter-train them using reinforcement techniques like verbal praises or little treats.

Also, they must be trained not to bite or nip. Young ferrets as pets will not be able to distinguish between aggressiveness and playfulness. It is your responsibility to gradually train and tame them. The more attention and care you put into training, the more effective it will be.

They also need exercise to release their energy, taking them to a walk in the park with a ferret-sized leash and a bit of training can help you both enjoy a leisurely evening stroll!

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