April 19, 2012

How To Tell If Your Pet Is Suffering From Allergies

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cat allergyYour cat scratches, scratches, and scratches, but you’ve yet to find a flea on her. Perhaps she’s displaying pet allergy symptoms. Many pet owners are unaware that their furry friends can get allergies just like humans do. According to the Winnipeg Free Press, allergies in dogs or cats can be caused by variables as diverse as pollen, grass, mold, mildew, fleas, fragrances, food, and chemicals. In other words, anything from a flea to the dog shampoo you lovingly bathed your puppy might be making them miserable.

Pet sensitivities are harder to diagnose than human ones, and it might take a while to figure out that they are sick. A cat or dog cannot tell you that they started feeling sick and congested after their morning walk through the flower fields, or that the new diet you put them on made them feel nauseous which is why they threw up on your favorite shoes. However, the allergy symptoms your pet may be displaying can help you diagnose the cause. The pets section of WebMd says that skin reactions are the most common pet allergy reactions but other symptoms include sneezing, difficulty breathing, watery eyes, runny noses, scratching, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, and in extreme cases death. All symptoms can range from mild to alarming, and pet owners may not realize they are being caused by allergies. It helps to be familiar with your pet and their habits, so if anything out of the ordinary arises you will know right away.

Because pet allergy symptoms are so assorted it can take owners months or even years to realize why their pet is sick. A veterinarian can identify whether allergies are the cause of illness, but it can be expensive and time consuming. With all the possible sources pinpointing the exact reason for an allergic reaction is often difficult. Veterinarians can perform skin tests and food trials to determine the origin for sensitivities. Once the reason for the allergy is found, it may take a special diet to overcome root causes.

Is it worth it? Most pet owners love their four-legged friends and consider them to be a part of the family. Like all family members, when you see them suffer you want to do whatever it takes to aid their recovery. If your dog or cat is experiencing pet allergies and is feeling unwell, with time and devotion you relieve the symptoms and help them get better.

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