February 1, 2011

The Essentials of Dog Grooming

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One responsibility of owning a dog is grooming.  In order to maintain the health and well being of your dog, grooming is a necessity.  While dogs don’t need to be bathed every day, there are 5 essential grooming activities that no dog owner should overlook.  Moreover, depending on the breed of your dog as well as his hair type and overall health, grooming can be a very different endeavor for dog owners.  Nevertheless, hair brushing, nail clipping, bathing, tooth care, and regular haircuts should be a part of every dog’s grooming regiment.

Dogs usually enjoy being brushed and hair brushing sessions give you and your dog an important opportunity to bond.  Indeed, all grooming activities give a dog and his owner time together and many dog owners admit to enjoying grooming once they get the hang of it.  The type of hair that your dog has is important when it comes to brushing.  Long haired dogs should be brushed frequently, even daily, to prevent hair from matting.  Medium-haired dogs are less affected by matting but they should still be brushed regularly, perhaps weekly.  Obviously, short-haired dogs will require the least brushing and these breeds will be satisfied with monthly brushing.

Nail trimming can be a bit tricky because dogs have some nerve endings in the quick of their nail.  If you trim the quick, your dog will not be happy and the nail will likely bleed.  Also, dogs don’t usually enjoy having their nails trimmed, so if you are not confident you should consider taking your dog to a groomer.  Similarly, dogs don’t always enjoy bathing and it can be hectic for the owner as well.  Dogs should be bathed monthly and you can speak to your veterinarian about the best kind of shampoo for your dog.

Clearly, dental health has implications for the wider health of your dog.  Your vet will likely recommend regular brushings, as often as once a week, but there are also dog foods and treats designed specifically to improve your dog’s dental health.  Finally, long- and medium-haired dogs will require regular haircuts.  Cutting your dogs hair can be difficult, so you should find a trustworthy professional to cut your dog’s hair at least once a month.  Remember, the benefits of grooming are extensive.  You’ll have more time to bond with your dog and your dog will look and feel great!

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