January 25, 2011

Tips for Choosing a Dog Trainer

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best dog trainersWhether trainingat home is not working out as well as you had expected or you just prefer professional training for your dog, you really need to take some time to make sure you choose a good dog trainer.  There are many dog training methodologies, some of which will not be compatible with how you choose to care for your dogs.  While most successful dog trainers use humane, science-based training methods, this is not always the case.  So, do your research and pick a trainer that will be effective using a positive training philosophy.

1.       Choose a trainer with real world dog experience.  Not all trainers have been in the business for very long so you’ll want to make sure your dog trainer has the necessary experience to effectively train your dog.  This is not to say that a novice trainer won’t be able to train your dog, but most dog owners want to get some references or recommendations from other customers.  Still, it’s more important that you choose a trainer with quality experience.

2.       Decide whether you prefer group classes or private training.  Obviously group classes are going to be less expensive but if your dog has had problems with aggression or is not very friendly with other dogs, private classes might be a better way to start.  Even if your dog is happy and social, private classes are considerably more effective.

3.       Don’t let price be the deciding factor.  Obviously the most experienced dog trainers are going to be the most expensive, especially if they have a good reputation.  Nevertheless, the price for training sessions should not be your deciding factor.  Narrow your results to a few trainers in your price range and then make your decision based on recommendations and experience.  Some dog trainers will even charge based on results rather than time.  In this case, you pay based on what your dog actually learns and if more sessions are required, they should be free of charge.

Ultimately, you want to choose a dog trainer that uses humane and proven training methods so that you know your dog will be treated respectfully but will also learn new behaviors.  Furthermore, if you develop some concerns about your trainers techniques, it’s never too late to ask for a refund.

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