September 3, 2010

Understanding the Basics of Cat Behavior

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After spending enough time with your cat it is pretty easy to see them as miniature humans who prefer not to talk.  Indeed, pet cats are our beloved friends, but unlike humans they have their own instincts and evolved behaviors.  Felines have natural hunting instincts that make them considerably different from humans, dogs, and other mammals.  Understanding cat behavior can help you to be a more patient and loving cat owner.

One of the first things to remember is that cats are active, curious, and highly athletic creatures that have evolved from a long line of hunters.  Kittens require a lot of active play with people, other cats, and/or interactive toys as well as a safe area to climb and explore.  It is always best to keep kittens (and even adult cats) indoors so they are not exposed to predators or other dangers.

Problem behaviors such as aggression, scratching, or inappropriate toileting can arise with pet cats but there are usually very good reasons for this.  Aggressive behavior is often a sign of anxiety so you should try to understand what is causing your cat to feel stress.  Alternatively, scratching is a very natural cat behavior that helps them to maintain their claws, so a professional clipping may help to deter this behavior.  Otherwise, you should provide your cat with an appropriate place to scratch.  Finally, cats are very clean creatures and they do not like a dirty litter box.  In most cases of inappropriate toileting the cat has either not been properly trained or their litter box has not been properly cleaned.

Generally speaking, behavioral problems are rare in pet cats.  If you observe sudden or unexplained behavioral problems in an adult cat, you should visit the veterinarian immediately to rule out a more serious medical problem.

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