September 2, 2010

Rabbits as Pets

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Rabbits are cute and fluffy and make lovely pets; yet, many people make the mistake of choosing a rabbit as a pet because they expect the animal to be like a cat or dog.  Understanding rabbits as pets and their requirements for care will help you to decide if a pet rabbit is right for you and your family.  You can build a close bond with a pet rabbit, but you have to have certain expectations going in.

Fortunately, rabbits are social animals and they enjoy playing with their owners.  They are gentle and tame and can even be litter trained.  In fact, it is even possible to train a pet rabbit to do simple tricks, like you would expect from a pet dog.  One thing to keep in mind about rabbits is that they actually have quite a long life span.  In most breeds, the life expectancy of rabbits is between 5 and 15 years.

In order to build a close relationship with your rabbit, you should plan to spend a lot of time interacting with her.  Indeed, rabbits are very social beings and they need to have lots of social interaction to be happy.  Moreover, regular exercise outside their cage is very important for your rabbit’s health.  Some rabbit owners think that rabbits are low maintenance pets, but this is not true.

Rabbits need a large cage, preferably indoors so they can have more social interaction with the family and even other pets.   Your rabbit will generally eat rabbit pellets but will also require hay and a range of fresh vegetables to supplement their diet.

Finally, most rabbit breeders do not recommend rabbits as pets for small children.  Younger children tend to be a bit rough with small animals as they do not understand their own strength.  This kind of play can be stressful for the rabbit.  In fact, while rabbits enjoy being around their family, they usually don’t even like to be held.

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