July 1, 2010

What is Pet Hospice Care?

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When our pets are sick, perhaps at the end of their life, it can be difficult to say goodbye.  While euthanasia is a common, humane solution that ensures your pet doesn’t suffer unnecessarily, hospice care is an alternative.  Hospice care for pets is fairly similar to hospice care for humans.  Pet hospices aim to relieve pain and provide comfort when your pet is at the end of his or her life.  Palliative care for pets allows you to spend more time with your beloved pet without subjecting them to undo discomfort.

Pet hospices provide a number of services to both the pet and the pet owner.  While giving your pet the necessary medical treatment, hospices can also help pet owners who are most often suffering from a great deal of stress.  Pet hospices help with care and euthanasia decisions and may even offer counseling services to help you cope with the loss of a pet.  By seeking support from a pet hospice you will get the assistance you need to come to terms with your pet’s illness and to make the right decisions for the comfort, health, and safety of your pet.

The main purpose of pet hospice care is to make sure your pet is always comfortable and hospices aim to balance the needs of the pet with the cares of the owner.  Because pet hospice staff is experienced with all kinds of pet illness as well as the grieving process that owners invariably endure, they can help you reach good decisions and accept the death of your pet.  Many veterinarian offices are already offering hospice care for pets and as this type of care becomes more popular, you’ll likely find more vets who provide hospices for pets.  Most importantly, hospices are there to support you and your pet so you never feel pressure to pursue a treatment, such as euthanasia, unless you are totally comfortable.

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