July 26, 2010

Top Tricks to Teach Your Cat

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When we think of pet tricks, few of us consider tricks for cats.  Indeed, it is usually our dogs that we take the time to teach tricks but the fact is, cats are highly intelligent creatures and they are also more than capable of learning tricks.  Nonetheless, because of their independent nature, cats can be a bit more challenging to teach as they need to see the inherent reward in these activities.  But, with consistency and patience, you can teach your cat some fun tricks and in the meantime you’ll get more time to bond with your cat and improve your relationship.  Here are the top tricks to teach your cat.

  1. Sit.  Teaching a cat to sit is quite similar to teaching a dog.  First, put your cat on a table or counter and pet her until she is comfortable.  Next, show your cat some kind of reward, like a treat, while you give the command to sit.  As you repeat the command, hold the treat above your cat’s head and move it slightly behind their head.  Most cats will naturally sit in this situation because as they follow the treat with their eyes, they will lean back and sit for better balance.  Finally, when your cat is in the sitting position, say “good sit” and give her the treat.  Repeat this strategy several times over the next few days to teach your cat to sit.
  2. Come.  Simply call your cat to “come” when she is a good distance away.  When your cat begins to approach you show her a treat and call her to come again.  When she reaches you say “good come” and give her the treat.
  3. Wave.  Grab a treat and hold it in the palm of your hand in front of your cat’s nose but just out of her paw’s reach.  Say “wave” and move the treat back and forth as if you are waving with the treat.  While reaching for the treat, your cat’s paw will naturally wave, at this point say “good wave” and give your cat the treat.  Repeat this command until your cat waves for no treat.

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