July 8, 2010

Protect Your Pet’s Coat and Skin

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Vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat are all aspects of your pet’s diet that help them to maintain a healthy coat and skin.  Without proper nutrition, their skin may become dry or too oily.  Your pet’s coat is vital to protecting their skin and body as it can keep foreign bodies out and prevents bacterial and viral infection.  In addition, your pet’s coat is vital for regulating body temperature.  Changes in your pet’s coat are usually a sign of some kind of nutritional deficiency and should not be overlooked.

For the most part, the coat of your dog or cat is made from protein.  When pet’s suffer from a lack of protein in their diet, their coat can become weak, brittle, and dry and you may even notice that their hair is always falling out.  On the contrary, your pet’s skin is composed of flat, tightly packed cells with durable membranes of fat and protein.  When these membranes are weakened because of nutritional deficiencies, water can escape the cells and your dog or cat are more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.

Ensure that your pets receive an adequate diet rich in protein, fats, and the proper minerals and vitamins.  Animal-based proteins from meat are the best source of protein for your pets.  As far as fats are concerned, your pets need adequate amounts of linoleic acid and arachidonic acid which are both omega-6 fatty acids.  Linoleic acid helps to condition the skin and coat while arachidonic acid prevents the coat from becoming dry.

In addition to proper nutrition, regular grooming helps to maintain your pet’s coat.  Brushing your dog, for example, helps to distribute natural oils through the coat so it is strong and healthy.  As a side benefit, regularly brushing your pets removes loose hairs that often end up on your furniture, draperies, and flooring.

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