June 22, 2010

Introducing New Pets to a Home

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Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time in your life.  While all pets need some time to adjust to a new environment, this article will specifically focus on cats and dogs as these tend to be the most common and most social of all pets.  For the most part, new pets can be introduced to your home quite easily.  In fact, many of us don’t spend much time thinking about our pet’s transition at all.  We bring him home and let things go.  We tend to spend more time thinking about house training and other behavioral training issues.  Still, taking some time to prepare your pet for your home and your home for your pet can make the transition stress-free and enjoyable for your pet.

First of all, if you have other pets, you need to ensure that they are healthy and have up-to-date vaccinations before introducing them to new pets.  Unhealthy pets can not only make new pets ill but sometimes their abnormal behavior can cause a rift right from the start.  Always remain calm and proceed slowly when introducing and always do so in a non-confrontational setting.  For example, if you introduce your pets and there is food around, you may end up with pets fighting over the food dish.

Also, make sure there is an area where your new pet can seek refuge.  Having a private room to get away from other pets and family members will help your new pet remain calm and adjust more quickly.  This room should contain everything your new pet needs including food, water, litter box, toys, and other necessary items.  Generally speaking, you want to supervise your new pets closely for the first few days to make sure they are comfortable and happy in their new environment.  Most of the time, pets have few problems adjusting to a new home.

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