April 26, 2010

Cat First Aid Tips

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cat first aidJust like humans, cats will sometimes injure themselves and we may need to perform first aid. Actually, cat first aid might be slightly more useful as cats can be mischievous little devils and tend to get themselves into more trouble. While this article is not a comprehensive introduction to first aid, consider getting some professional advice if you’re interested in developing your cat first aid skills, I will introduce some tips to help you with caring for a cat that has been recently injured.

  1. If you don’t know what to do see a vet immediately. When your cat has been injured, you probably don’t have time to figure out how to help them. So, if you don’t have the information, you need to take your cat to the vet to prevent further pain or injury.
  2. Protect yourself against scratches or bites. Injured cats may lash out because they are anxious and in a lot of pain. feline cuts and woundsIn this case, it is beneficial to wrap your cat in a soft towel, leaving only the injured area exposed, so you can conduct cat first aid without risk of injury to yourself. Remember to be gentle!
  3. If your cat breaks a leg and the bone is exposed you need to cover the affected area with a sterile bandage or gauze and possible apply a splint so your cat is stabilized for the trip to the vet. Never attempt to set the bone unless you are trained to do so.
  4. Always wear gloves when you’re handling a bit wound. Other animals might have rabies and you don’t want to expose yourself.
  5. Never remove sharp objects that are piercing your cat’s skin. Sometimes these objects are blocking a severed blood vessel and removing them can lead to severe and possibly deadly bleeding.

While performing cat first aid at home may be necessary in extreme situations, it’s always best to let trained professionals care for your pets. Use cat first aid to handle serious problems before making a trip to the vet.

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