January 8, 2010

Does your dog have tapeworms?

Intestinal parasites are not fun and considering tapeworms are the most common of these nuisances pet owners should take some time to learn about how they affect cats and dogs. In most cases, tapeworm infestations fly under our radar but from time to time we can find them in our pet’s feces or in areas where they sleep. Tapeworms are white or beige parasites that resemble grains of rice and they are highly resilient little pests. Pets become infected by tapeworms when they ingest fleas that carry them and as a result flea control is important in preventing tapeworms.

Nevertheless, once you have discovered an infestation, it is important to seek the appropriate treatment. A dog or cat with tapeworm may be fatigued or weak because of malnutrition. Essentially, a tapeworm will use all the nutrients from your pet’s food and as a result your pet becomes malnourished. Obviously, malnutrition can have very serious side effects not the least of which is a pet with no lust for life. Moreover, tapeworms can grow so long that they block the intestines of your dog or cat or even break off and migrate to the brain.

Luckily, treating tapeworms has recently become much easier. Tapeworm tabs for cats and dogs can now be purchased over-the-counter as a highly effective method for removing tapeworms. Tapeworm tabs for cats are safe for kittens over 6 weeks of age and can be purchased according to the size of your cat and can be administered in just a few doses. Likewise, tapeworm tabs for dogs are safe for dogs over 4 weeks of age and are available in dosages according to the weight of your dog. Don’t let tapeworms wreak havoc with your pet’s nutrition by investing in a proven tapeworm treatment. They work quickly and effectively and ensure the nutritional health of your beloved pet.

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