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4 dogs peeking over the edge.
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Dog Owners Beware - Chicken Jerky Treats May Cause Illness
Girl feeding a dog a treat.

Dog owners know that their loyal pets not only love, but deserve a well-earned treat once in a while. But these treats are supposed to bring enjoyment to your dog, not illness.

If you give your dog chicken jerky treats, don’t skip this article!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has once again issued a warning about chicken jerky treats for dogs. While they do not name any specific brands, they have determined that chicken jerky imported from China has caused many dogs to become ill.

The dry chicken jerky may come in the form of treats, strips or tenders. According to the FDA, there has been a sharp increase of reports that dogs are falling sick after eating these chicken jerky treats.

The first time complaints started to flood in was back in September 2007 but the number of reports started to subside by the end of 2009. However, as of November 2011, complaints from pet owners and veterinarians are on the rise again.

The ‘Chicken Jerky’ Mystery

After extensive testing, the FDA, as well as many animal health laboratories, has not been able to find what the contaminant in the chicken jerky seems to be. But, they’re giving it their all. Test results are pending for:

  • salmonella,
  • pesticides,
  • antibiotics,
  • metals,
  • furans,
  • mycotoxins,
  • nephrotoxins,
  • rodenticides
  • and other chemicals and toxins.

Nutritional testing has also been done to access the levels of:

  • fatty acids,
  • vitamin D excess,
  • glycerol concentrations,
  • enterotoxins,
  • crude fiber,
  • ash,
  • moisture
  • and protein.

The FDA will continue to collect samples and test the jerky to determine the cause of illness in so many dogs.

While chicken jerky treat manufacturers can issue a voluntary recall on their own, at this time the FDA has not determined a specific contaminate in the treats and therefore has no evidence supporting a mandatory recall to be issued. Since regulations require evidence of issuing a FDA mandated recall, the FDA can take no action at this time.

What You Can Do

If you plan on giving your dog chicken jerky treats, only give it in small amounts. Be especially careful with little dogs. Remember, a dog’s diet should be composed of a well-formulated dog food. Treats should be used sparingly – not as a main food source.

Pay close attention to your dog for a few days after they eat the jerky treats. Look out for symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (sometimes bloody)
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in activity
  • Increased water consumption
  • Increase in urination frequency

If you notice any of these symptoms, do not feed your dog any more chicken jerky. Call your veterinarian if the problem persists after 24 hours of the first symptom appearing.

It is believed that these chicken jerky treats can increase the amounts of urea nitrogen, creatine and glucose, which can cause kidney failure, Fanconi syndrome and even death. Though, most dogs make a full recovery.

If your dog has exhibited any of these symptoms, keep any remaining chicken jerky from the package in the case that the FDA requests it for testing.

In the meantime, consumers and veterinarians are encouraged to report to the FDA all cases of illness caused by any pet food, including chicken jerky, by going to

A New Critter Pet Home
biobubble pet habitat

Looking for a versatile way to house your small pet? Then Bio Bubble is the perfect solution. Its unique design makes it not only safe for your pet, but also easy to maintain.

The BioBubble is different from other pet housing. It can transform from aquarium to terrarium to habitat, making it a perfect living space for fish, hamsters, gerbils, small cold-blooded pets, insects and even plants.

The BioBubble’s dome shape makes it stable to leave on flat surfaces. Its silicone foot pads keep the base from sliding or slipping on smooth surfaces, maintaining a safe environment for your pet. Its setup also makes it hard for cats or dogs to get into it or knock it off a table.

Slide the risers up to make your BioBubble taller. Or you can keep it fish bowl size. In addition, you can stack the BioBubble risers to create the right size habitat that you need to make a fun, safe and comfortable home for your little pet.

The clear sides and mesh make viewing easy, too.

The BioBubble in Detail

The first step in customizing your BioBubble is choosing what color you want: Black Onyx, Marbled Silver, Perfectly Pink, Royal Purple, Sapphire Blue or Shammrock Green.

This is a great customizing feature to match your pet’s house according to their gender, your taste or even to match the room it will be housed in.

The second step is choosing which habitat to connect to the colored base unit. You have four general options:

biobubble bungalow

1. Bungalow

This type of habitat is great for hamsters, gerbils or mice. The bungalow area at the top gives a place for small animals to sleep. The bottom half provides room for them to play and live. A removable bedding tray lets you to quickly and easily clean up after your pet. When used with carbon odor pads, you’ll have a pet home that’s cleaner and fresher than other small habitats.

biobubble fence

2. 12” Fence

This habitat is best suited for cold-blooded animals like small snakes, insects and lizards. Instead of plastic, the habitat walls are made of mesh, which allows little creatures to climb the walls. The removable tray makes changing water, bedding and soil easy. There is even a hole to run a wire for a heating lamp or rock to keep your cold blooded pet nice and toasty.

biobubble riser

3. Clear Riser

This is a great environment for small pets, cold blooded animals and insects. It has the same features as the 12” fence habitat, except it has clear walls instead of mesh.

biobubble aquarium

4. Aquarium with Filter

If you plan on using your BioBubble as an aquarium, you should choose either the internal or external filter features. These filters can support both fresh water and salt water fish while pumped water is filtered through a mesh filter pad. Simply rinse off or replace filter pads when needed and you will keep a clear and clean aquarium for your fish. The vented feeding cap gives you easy access for feeding.

Check out to learn more.

Elephant Crossing (Wait for me!)

Do other animals feel a sense of family? If this video taken in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania is any evidence, the answer is a resounding YES!

4 dogs peeking over the edge.
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